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Whether it's a new country, culture or something on your bucket list, having a new experience makes you feel inspired, energised and motivated. With plenty of new and exciting adventures, from horse riding in Bhutan to the Unesco protected Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, Uterecht’s forward thinking culture to the architecture in Azerbaijan. The only limit is your imagination!


It is said that growth is the best distinction between those who succeed and those who do not; which person do you want to be? With personal development, life coaching, business coaching, sustainability, an evaluation of your passion and priorities, you will leave with greater ambition, plenty of motivation and a support system to help you achieve your goals.

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals” - Brian Tracy


More than just getting a massage, as well as delicious and nutritious meals, time for recuperation and reflection, activities that fuel your passion, and some time away from technology!
With activities to help you understand your self-care and help you plan achievable routines for your home life, this is more than just a ‘break from it all’ and more of a new way of being. InTah will help you to nourish your mind, body and soul!

About InTah

Many of us struggle with stress and overwhelm due to trying to follow someone else's journey, instead of our own. By uncovering your purpose, being inspired and taking time to prioritise yourself, you can live a more fulfilling lifestyle and prevent some of these, now commonplace, issues.

Let's build recuperation, wellbeing and exploration, not just into our time off, but into our employment.Let your employer provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself, network and learn from others!

Providing EXPLORATION, SELF-DEVELOPMENT and WELLBEING activities, the only limit is your imagination!

InTah’s experiences will range from Conferences to Expeditions, Retreats to Mentoring, Award Ceremonies to Loyalty Schemes to help you discover your purpose and BE INSPIRED!

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