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30 Ways to move from surviving to thriving.

June 9, 2021

Anyone else feel like they’ve been in survival mode for far too long?…

Like maybe it’s time to remove yourself from your couch, escape the momentum of groundhog day, embrace life where it is right now and take brave steps towards thriving on your terms?…

…Yeah, me too…but it’s not always that easy…hence this blog…

The other day our awesome leader shared with us these 30 ways to move from surviving to thriving, 30 super simple ideas that will help you to recharge your batteries, get thinking about what you really want your life to look like and inspire moves towards making it there.

So, as there really is no time like the present, let’s explore the little steps we could take to turn our worlds around.

1. Dedicate some time at the start of your day to grounding yourself and setting some positive intentions.

2. Eat a nourishing and whole food based breakfast to set you up for the day from the inside out.

3. Give yourself permission to sleep. Not resting isn’t a sign of strength.

4. Detox from TV and do some stuff in the real world instead.

5. Get lost in a book.

6. Transform your to-do list. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise.

7. Set goals and take daily action to make them happen. Just one little step in the right direction everyday will get you to where you want to be.

8. Consistently let go of expectations; those you place on yourself, on others or on situations, be open to the element of surprise.

9. Write a journal or gratitude log for 5 minutes a day.

10. Formulate a personal mantra.

11. Get up and dance (like no-one is watching) when life feels too serious.

12. Spend time with people who matter, people who uplift you and inspire you.

13. Learn something you assumed was difficult, go on, surprise yourself.

14. Embrace alone time.

15. Plant something and witness the transformation process.

16. Don’t assume, find freedom in releasing the burden of assumptions – go with what you know.

17. Choose love over fear.

18. Laugh as much as possible.

19. Put yourself in someone elses shoes.

20. Focus on what you love and admire rather than anything that gives you reason to complain.

21. Show your appreciation for the people who support you.

22. Do something you’ve never done before.

23. Enjoy nature.

24. Listen without judgement.

25. Remind yourself that you are the light and that energy you omit is contagious.

26. Seek out the good in the situation. You’re not failing you’re just mid-conquer.

27. Laugh as much as possible.

28. Discover your purpose.

29. Pay it forward.

30. Allow yourself to change. It’s ok to move on, to evolve and become what you want to be.

Did we miss anything?

Wherever you are at right now is nothing more than your start line, your day one, a position from which your longer term goals could seem a million miles away from but, remember, the sooner you start walking the sooner you’ll get there and there is always a progression from here.

Ever just wanted to run away?…

May 7, 2021

Yeah! Me too!

I totally understand that we all have off days and moments that we want to escape from but, if you’re anything like me, and I’m really hoping that you are, the past year and a bit has brought me more of these types of ponderings than ever before.

It’s not that I hate my life, I feel super grateful for my situation everyday (especially if my boss is reading this – I’m lucky; I love my work), it’s that i crave feeling purposeful, that buzz of energy from planning an adventure…going on an adventure…and as a stay at home freelancing mum I get scared I may never adventure again…

Now you may be wondering where I’m going with my ramblings (I often question myself in that exact tone of voice) but I thought it was quite a good way to start chatting about why I love InTah so much.

Besides the fact that the boss let’s me creatively run free and the team are rather entertaining, InTah gave me back my sense of adventure.

It has enabled me too dream a little bigger, given me the nudge that I needed to really think about, and admit out loud, how I want my life to look going forwards and even provided me with some of the stepping stones to get me there.

It’s about creating moments of personal growth, opportunities for optimism and giving an individual back their sense of purpose after a prolonged pause – because that’s how it feels sometimes right?…like pause was pressed on your life…

It creates the space to think and evolve at your own pace yet also provides the tools we all need to do that; educational courses, life changing trips and inspiring gatherings of influential speakers and opportunities.

It’s truly magical when you realise that you’re not alone. When you feel understood and surrounded by support you suddenly find the strength to grow in whatever direction you need to grow, personally or professionally. You stand a little taller and surer…you don’t want to run away anymore…or at least i don’t until I press ‘publish’ on this blog and something crashes…

If any of this resonates with you then please do let me know and sign up for our newsletter – Let’s InTah our lives together!

6 Ways To Reduce Food Waste.

April 21, 2021

If you are intent on living a more sustainable life but not sure where to start then reducing your food waste is a great place.

According to figures from WRAP, Food waste in primary production in the UK, 2019, a huge 3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the uk, this figure does not include domestic waste…yet people are still going hungry…

Reducing your food waste helps to conserve energy and resources associated with its production, reduces methane emissions from landfill stacked high with waste products and wrapping, plus, it saves money.

Food is something that we all consume daily so why not make it one of the first places that we consider making sustainability associated efforts?

…and it’s for this reason that we thought we would offer you our top six ways that you can reduce your food waste;

Meal plan. Draw up a menu for the week, go through your fridge, freezer and cupboards to utilise what you already have and write a shopping list of the things you don’t. This approach not only goes towards saving the environment but it also helps you to save cash; win, win!

Get label savvy. Do you know the difference between your ‘best before’ and your ‘use by’ dates?…Neither did we until we had a read of the really handy guide provided by Love Food Hate Waste . Also, download the Olio app – a super handy app and community that allows you to give away or collect unsellable but perfectly edible food – you’re welcome..

Batch cooking. If you’re cooking one or two portions you might as well cook four or five right?…pop the extras in the freezer and you’ve got great grub ready to go, you’ve avoided throwing away any excess ingredients and you’ve probably saved yourself some money by avoiding buying a takeaway when you’re short on time to cook.

Love your leftovers. Before you scrape those scraps into the bin maybe stop and consider if you could turn them into another culinary creation…Google is your (recipe) friend…

Consider your options. Could your food waste be better utilised elsewhere? A compost heap or as animal food maybe?

Ensure that you’re storing food correctly. Always keep older items at the front of your fridge or cupboard and be sure to keep an eye on food in your freezer. Is everything being stored to encourage its longevity?

We hope that these easy to follow tips encourage you on your sustainable lifestyle journey and, as always, we’d love to hear your experiences or ideas, drop us an email or tag us in your social media; if we all support each others little steps we can make a huge difference together.

5 Simple Steps Towards Living More Sustainably.

April 7, 2021

What is sustainable living?

‘Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change and other negative environmental concerns…more simply, sustainable living is a method of reducing one’s carbon footprint.’ – Thank you Sustainable Jungle for clearing that one up for us!

…but where do we start?

So we know that moving towards a more sustainable way of life is the way to go but once you start delving into the how’s it can all become a bit overwhelming!

There’s so much to be done!

There are so many questions!

Over here at InTah we felt just like you, the more we chatted and investigated the more we found out about the things that we should (or could) be doing and it all started to feel a bit much…then we remembered; every seemingly little effort we make is a step in the right direction and if everyone started taking some steps we (and the world) would soon reap some big rewards.

This is why we decided to share with you our 5 simple steps towards living more sustainably;

1. Reuse or recycle – Before you throw things away hit pause and ask yourself if the item in question could be used as something different or if someone else could maybe make use of it?…’One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’…

2. Shop local – Support local businesses, reduce any impact caused by transport, maybe make use of more locally produced materials and supplies…yes, we know that Amazon is easy but…

3. Consider if you need to shop at all! – Are you buying that because you really need it or because it looks all fancy? Could you just save the money? Are you bored?…

4. Quit the throw away culture – Say no to single use plastics and see point number 1.

5. Get energy efficient – Could your home use a little less fuel of any description? Could you cut down how often you use your car?…that’s what we thought…

We are firm believers that if we all just make a little bit of an effort we can make a big difference to the environment.

Let’s start to pay more attention to what we’re buying and what it’s made of, where it came from and how we dispose of it when it’s served its purpose.

Let’s look at our skincare and food, our cleaning products and our forms of transport; let’s normalise living sustainably.

Adventuring Through Adversity

March 6, 2021

None of us are exempt from challenging times in life, we have and will all face a level of adversity at some point, but how could we actually embrace these moments and use them to our advantage?

By seeing them as an opportunity for exploration and adventure that’s how!

Maybe we could choose an escape route?

This could show up as a complete change of scenery and/or an additional challenge to ourselves, mentally or physically.

If we are able to totally remove ourselves from a negative situation we could potentially gain not only personal and professional development but also create an immediate sense of space, time to breath away from current concerns and the ‘moment’ to decide where we’d like our lives to go in the future.

Maybe we could see our times of adversity as opportunities for a little self-reflection?

In the heat of the moment it isn’t always easy to hit pause and notice ones own reactions. Is it time to explore our own thought patterns and behaviours?

Is this situation caused by something that we’ve maybe let slide or build up over a period of time?

Do we need to learn how best we can install certain boundaries to protect our happiness in the future?

Embrace any lessons learnt and find comfort that in our times of self-exploration we can at least discover exactly what we definitely don’t want in our world going forwards.

Overcoming adversity might require us to appreciate where we have been, find the good in the situation, and then choose to look forward to the future; maybe this is the route you’ll take, to see rock bottom as a clean slate?

We can’t change the past but we can work towards a whole new and more fulfilling future.

We need to understand that hitting a low point gives us no choice but to climb. We must reflect upon all that we have overcome so far and adapt an overcome anything mentality with a calm and strategic edge; a ‘one step at a time in the right direction’ mindset will move you onwards and upwards towards your end goal far more efficiently than rushing for the summit ever will.

It’s important to remember that, whatever route we choose to take to overcome any adversity in our lives, we are not alone in doing so.

If you feel that things are all a bit too much to tackle on your own then create your own support crew, reach out to family and friends or a professional service such as the ones listed below;



Time to change.

Beat Eating Disorders.

Step Change Debt Charity.

We, the team at InTah, believe in you!

The Power Of Self-Belief.

February 27, 2021

So many of us crave so much more for ourselves, personally as well as professionally, and often we feel that just a little more self-belief might allow us to achieve our dreams – here at InTah we don’t disagree.

Self-belief harnesses many magical powers and can go along way towards turning our lives around if we can put the effort in to change our mindset and allow ourselves to tap into it a little more.

So, if we were to set about learning how to improve our perception of ourselves, if we were willing to put the work into continuous self-development and finally stop comparing ourselves to others what could we expect to get out of it?

How would the power of self-belief show up in and improve our everyday?

  1. Elevated levels of self-belief give you the nod to make mistakes. Yep, you accept that trying is better than not and embrace perceived failures as important lessons learnt. Fear of imperfection no longer stops you from taking the next step. How nice would that be?

2. A dash of self-belief can be ultra inspiring. With low levels of fear attached to possible outcomes you are no longer restrained to merely doing what’s already been done before and playing it safe, you’re more inclined to think outside of the box and get creative with solutions. How refreshing and innovative is that?!

3. Self-belief lets you see more. When you are feeling great and confident and able, even if you’re not sure how you’ll achieve something, you’re more liable to have a go, thus you’re open to new opportunities. You’re almost like a child in the sense that, because you’re no longer controlled by fear, you’re willing to see the possibility and try…and try again if needed.

4. …and try again….you will no longer have the instant urge to throw in the towel. Not only does self-belief instigate action taking it also provides you with a new sense of persistence. You’ll rise to a challenge and find a way to complete it, to reach that end goal one way or another. You won’t take set backs personally and you’ll have a new found passion for real success. You’d be unstoppable!

5. People will respond to you differently. Now we know that the opinion of others isn’t the be all and end all but it’s really beneficial if they have a good one of you at times. In job interviews or meetings with the bank manager for example, you want them to hear you and have faith in you, and your levels of self-belief help to achieve this. You will hold yourself differently, you’ll be open to new discussions and talk a talk of a ‘can do go getting’ persona rather than an overly cautious and guarded one. You will stand out as knowing what you’re talking about. You will close that deal. This can be equally beneficial within your personal relationships; What discussions need to be had? What boundaries need to be set? Could a little more self-belief offer a boost in your bedroom?…just sayin’…the possibilities (and positives) are endless…

Have we convinced you that it’s well worth you working on your sense of self-belief yet?

Increased levels of self-belief (and all of the benefits it brings) don’t appear overnight but, if we’ve sparked an urge in you to investigate how to improve yours, we’d love to draw your attention to our Adventures, Experiences and Training area, because, well, you’re worth it!

The Power Of Volunteering.

February 23, 2021

The last year has had many of us pondering our purpose, questioning the world around us and how we interact with it, wondering how we can give and feel ‘more’, if this sounds like you, have you considered volunteering?

Giving your time and skills to a project in need can be a life changing opportunity.

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people, people you may not have ever otherwise had the opportunity to engage with, people from different backgrounds and countries with varying skillsets. You’ll share experiences that will create memories for life, have stories that will connect you forever and bonds that may even lead to future adventures.

From the people you work alongside daily to those who you are helping in the bigger picture; the human connection is a powerful one that surely shouldn’t just be restricted to those beings found on our doorsteps?

Spending time on a beneficial cause is guaranteed to improve your mental health and sense of purpose, it can elevate your self-esteem and decrease stress levels.

In today’s busy world with its pressures, expectations and lack of ‘in the moment’ living opportunities we all find ourselves craving a sense of accomplishment and joy, a reason to move and assist – Volunteering to help with a project can more than help with all of that!

Are you needing to refresh your career related mojo?

Volunteering can help with that too!

Maybe using your current skills in a completely new setting will create a whole new level of enthusiasm for your capabilities again, ignite that fire in your belly, or maybe not, maybe it will be an opportunity to learn new skills and instigate a major life change?

Either way, volunteering always looks good on your CV and future job applications.

Travelling abroad to take part in a volunteering program can mean that you immerse yourself in another way of life never usually accessible by standard holiday stays, you can live the real life of a local, learn more than a books contents about their culture and leave with a fresh perspective on your current everyday.

Are things really as bad as they sometimes feel in your world?

Could you make some changes in your daily life to reflect those observed in your stay?

Volunteering can take up as much time and financial investment as you are able to provide but the benefits are always the same and available in abundance.

If you are interested in taking an amazing overseas expedition with the team here at InTah take a look at our Uganda Experience, alternatively, have a search through the database of for opportunities and ideas.

Hygge for your health

December 21, 2020

Hygge (or ‘hoo-gah’) is a concept that originates from the Danish culture and encourages living with a sense of comfort, coziness and peace.

Ordinarily discussion around this topic focuses on the more aesthetic side of hygge and how to promote a sense of calm and peace in living spaces but could this trend also have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing?

The theory of hygge utilises lighting, texture, decor, warmth, colour, people and activities to enhance our everyday existence and we have uncovered ten ways in which embracing such a way of life could benefit our health.

1. A calm and comforting environment can help to ease feelings of anxiety and depression; I think we all need more of this right now.

2. Living in a cosy and simple manner could be related to a reduction in blood cortisol levels (a stress related hormone) and so help to encourage better sleep and body weight regulation.

3. Creating a cosy living space can increase our feelings of gratitude towards what we have and evoke feelings of comfort and safety.

4. We become less reliant upon unhealthy coping mechanisms (Eg. alcohol or drugs) when we are surrounded by warmth and feeling content, an occurrence that is better for our health, relationships and bank balance.

5. Hygge encourages us to nurture our personal relationships. For example we may spend time with others playing board games or in gentle outdoor activities and thus engage in conversations that improve intimacy, natural bonds and our sense of belonging.

6. Real home cooked food fixes a lot. The Danish love to eat seasonal food cooked from scratch; think warming stews, freshly baked breads and sweet treats. Could cooking allow us to connect with our food, ourselves, our appetites and each other a little more? Certainly nourishing ourselves adequately equates to better health but there is also that inner glow that comes only from sitting down to eat a hearty meal with friends and family.

7. Hygge encourages people to take gentle outdoor exercise, to immerse themselves in nature and give themselves the space required to think and refocus. The benefits of spending time outside, alone or with others, is well documented and something that we should all strive to do more of in an attempt to improve our mental and physical health.

8. Could hygge help us to switch off from social media? Could establishing a comforting and nurturing home life/setting mean that we find it easier to switch off from the outside world?…we think it could…

9. Self-care is something that is all too often put to one side, something to do later, but if your entire everyday is focused around encouraging an easy and more mindful way of life surely the practice of self-appreciation and acknowledging what we really need to do for ourselves to feel better should become easier and almost habitual?

10. Feelings of self-worth. By taking control of our lives and integrating activities alongside creating a home setting that feels cosy, comfortable and respectful of our needs, surely we are guaranteed to feel better about ourselves?

In this blog we have only scratched the surface of the wonderful lifestyle concept that is hygge, for more information we highly recommend taking a look at where you will unearth so many ways to integrate this beautiful method into your everyday.

How to achieve your wellbeing goals.

December 15, 2020

We’ve all set out with good intentions and failed miserably right?

As the end of 2020 is nigh we will undoubtedly find ourselves battling with the idea of new years resolutions, how we’d like our lives to look and wondering what we could achieve if we could only stick to a plan, but do we think about how we can actually maintain our focus beyond January 1st?

Well Intah has and here are our top five tips for staying on track and actually achieving your wellbeing goals;

Know what’s really important to you. Most of our goals revolve around a bigger why. We want to become more physically able because it means we can run around after our children and entertain them with ease, we want to have less stress at home so that we can actually enjoy our time outside of the office. Really considering your bigger picture and reasoning for goals is so important in keeping them; write them down and keep them in mind.

Shift your focus from why you can’t to why you can. All too often we fall off of the resolution wagon because we let the barriers to our end goal overpower our new habits and determination; DON’T! Make a list of all of the reasons you can achieve what you want to, have examples to hand of how other people have done it and take a moment to remind yourself of moments of strength and determination you’ve shown in the past.

Take it slow. Work backwards from your end goal and find ways to take baby steps towards where you want to be. Accept that things take time. Understand that your small actions will result in larger gains. Be patient.

Keep life simple. Keep every small step towards your end goal as simple as possible and don’t overcomplicate your everyday. Behaviour changes are best made when we hardly notice them.

Minimise distractions. Do you need to avoid certain fast food chains to reach your healthy eating goals? Do certain people tend to lead you astray? If you know that there are things that will deter you from achieving your end goal then, wherever possible, avoid them.

We really are amazing beings and capable of so much more than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

Decide that this time things are going to be different, decide that this time you are in control and know that InTah has your back!

5 Tips to help you survive this festive season.

December 9, 2020

The festive season can feel like too much in the best of years but, as it’s 2020, a lot if us are feeling more stressed, lonely and worried than ever before.

Maybe we’ll be able to gather with family and friends and maybe we won’t.

Job losses and financial concerns.

Cabin fever and wanting to do right by our kids.

Is it really beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

The team here at Intah have been chatting about what we are going to do to help ourselves through December and into the new year and we thought we would share our top five tips in the hope that they might help you too;

  1. The present conversation. Have a chat with family and friends as early as possible around present buying, establish who is buying for who and set budgets; why inflict stress upon yourself (and everyone else) when a simple conversation could lighten everyones load?

2. Take time out. Try and get outside everyday. A walk around the block or a more grand excursion will support you in getting your daily dose of daylight, clear your head and refresh your soul.

Maybe you could combine this with a daily exercise challenge?

Walk/jog/run a certain distance and see if you can improve your time over a certain number of weeks or cycle somewhere you’ve never been before, the possibilities are endless and the benefits are bountiful.

3. Be sure to nourish yourself. It’s times like these that we really do need to do our best to take care of ourselves; body and mind. Eat the best food that you can, drink more water and rest when you need to.

Use any newly found free time to read, listen to podcasts or watch educational material; for fun as well as future work purposes.

4. Rely on routine. When nothing seems or feels ‘normal’ it is too easy just to drift through your day without a sense of time or accomplishment; take back some power by establishing a daily routine that works for you.

Wake up at the same time everyday and maybe meditate or stretch before breakfast.

Set time aside for your daily outdoor adventure or exercise.

Notice when you work best; are you able to utilise this self-awareness to your advantage?

Have a daily to-do list and complete it. This can be work related or job hunting, it could be household chores or calls with friends; it’s a visible opportunity to feel triumphant at the end of the day.

Establish a bedtime routine to encourage a deeper more restful nights sleep.

5. Look forwards. We are all guilty of looking back or dwelling on negative situations for too long now and again but we need to allow ourselves to move on. We need to step out of our own way, acknowledge where we are at and continue to strive for more.

Our lives are a constant stream of good and not so good events that we have no choice but to embrace and evolve through, where you’re at right now isn’t your forever, better times will come, remember that.

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