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Using exploration to overcome adversity

October 19, 2020

At InTah we believe in exploring oneself, ones path and whatever opportunities arise to help us develop as an individual, we encourage and support you to be brave and push boundaries as far as you can in order to grow.

Exploration (one of our foundations) to us is that nervous excitement you feel when you are about to travel to a new country, it’s experiencing a different culture. It’s the chance to push your boundaries, try new things and learn more about yourself.

Exploration is about curiosity, open mindedness and most of all, courage. This is why we believe exploration is perfectly placed to help us, as individuals, overcome adversity.

Adverse events in life are inevitable; some we see coming and others take us by surprise, however they manifest they are difficult to navigate but it can be beneficial to adopt an explorative mindset to work towards overcoming them.

Here are our top ten tips as to how you can use exploration to overcome adversity.

  1. Pause. In the heat of the moment we can react irrationally and in a manner which may not help us to move forwards. By stopping and allowing ourselves to explore how we feel about a situation, how it’s come about and where we would like it to lead we can potentially effectively limit any longer term negative impact.

2. Write it down. Seeing the problem on paper can make it more approachable, it can help you to explore possible plans for action and investigate probable outcomes.

3. Remember your story. Everyones past contains times of adversity, incidences of events they never felt, at the time, they would overcome but the very fact that they are memories means that you did. What can you look back on in your past to gain strength and reassurance from? Remember, reflect upon and explore your past and your previous signs of strength.

4. Face the issue at hand, establish your end goal and look closely at where you’re starting from. What resources do you have right now that can help you? Explore your start point, your potential and identify where input is required.

5. Explore outside. The benefits of being out in nature are well noted. In times of adversity get some fresh air, breath, challenge yourself and allow your headspace to heal.

6. In challenging situations it is very easy to begin to feel that we don’t have any control over our lives; it’s at these times we need to take back that control. Step up and take responsibility for what happens next, accept the challenge you are faced with but choose how you move forwards. choose to see feelings of nervousness as excited butterflies instead.

7. Remain open minded – not all change is bad.

8. Find a new challenge. It can be constructive in times of adversity to create your own positive distraction. Shifting your focus temporarily to a new hobby or goal can help you to create the headspace and energy required to move forwards from a difficult situation.

9. Take care of yourself. Now, when under intense pressure, is the time to listen to what your mind and body need and maybe investigate new ways to take care of them. Consider how you exercise and eat, your sleep patterns and even how you speak to yourself.

10. Don’t quit. The adversity you are currently facing is just another chapter of your life story, another adventure, another point for exploration.

InTah’s foundation of Exploration

October 13, 2020

Campfire conversation

InTah’s foundations of exploration, development and wellbeing are the basis upon which our work and ethos are formed. Over the coming months we will examine each foundation in greater detail; October is all about exploration.

At InTah we believe in exploring oneself, ones path and whatever opportunities arise to help us develop as an individual, we encourage and support you to be brave and push boundaries as far as you can in order to grow!

We are passionate about creating rich learning experiences and openings to discovery.


It’s that nervous excitement when you are about to travel to a new country or continent, it’s a different culture or cuisine that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s the chance to push your boundaries, try new things and learn more about yourself, maybe you’ll even learn more about people you’ve only seen previously in a certain environment as they unfurl out of their shell.

It’s an opportunity to meet people who have a vastly different outlook on life to yourself, or whom prioritise objects or experiences that you would have never considered.

Exploration is about curiosity, open mindedness and most of all, courage!

We encourage you to let go of your limits and come and explore your journey with us at InTah HERE.

5 Ways to feel inspired

September 23, 2020

When you’re forever struggling with perfecting that work/life balance, suffering with brain fog and doing your best not to ponder the future yet strive for more is it any wonder that you can’t always feel as inspired or as motivated as you once did?

We understand your struggle and thought we’d share with you our five favourite ways to get back into our inspired zone;

Try something new. Challenging yourself to take on a new task is a great way to distract yourself, physically and mentally, from the everyday grind of life. It creates breathing space and allows you to surround yourself with new people, new ideas and a new perspective. There’s also that sense of satisfaction and the realisation of ones own abilities when you complete a testing task or activity.

Think a physical challenge might be your source of inspiration?

Spend some time in nature. Take a literal breath of fresh air and head outside. A woodland walk or a beach stroll can give you the perfect opportunity to just sit and pause; make sure that you turn off your tech for added benefits! This kind of escapism can be taken as a form of exercise, E.g. going for a run, or kept very low key – do what you feel you need.

For help with getting outside more often we reccommend taking a look at

Remember what you really want and write it down. It’s essential to check in with ourselves and our aspirations now and again to ensure that we are on the right track. Bring some focus back into your everyday by writing down your ideals, how you’d really like your life to look, and then consider what steps you need to take to get from where you are currently to where you’d rather be.

Indulge your senses with motivating material. Read a book or watch a film with content that really makes you think. The topic can reflect a current life issue or be completely unrelated, all that matters is that it matters to you; that it both relaxes and rouses you.

Get organised. Prioritise your time and your to do list. Feeling in control of our day to day lives gives us room to think. It allows us to deal with more as it comes up and empowers us enough to find some calm amoung the chaos of modern life. Getting organised looks different to different people; maybe you like to write in a diary or on a calendar, or maybe an online scheduling tool ( is more your thing; choose what works best for you and get a grip on your work life v home life agenda.

An important thing to remember is to not push for inspiration; your headspace should not become a battle ground between your free flowing thoughts and the pressures of life. It isn’t wrong to feel overwhelmed and a little lost and finding your way out of such situations shouldn’t add to your woes; you’re a work in progress.

We’d love to hear from you! If you find any of these suggestions useful please do let us know and tag us in your getting your inspiration back moments on social media!

How to overcome the selfish stigma around self-care

September 15, 2020

We all know that we should be taking better care of ourselves, dedicating more time to our own needs and nurturing our health and well-being but sometimes self-care can feel selfish; how do we overcome this?

Ask yourself why? Why do we feel that it’s better to neglect our needs than to tend to them? Why do we feel so undeserving? Is this something that stems from childhood or is it more to do with the influential characters around us in adulthood?

Once we can begin to understand our thought process’s we can start to re-route them (with or without professional support).

Remember that you’re needed. Your children, your partner, friends and family, your job; they all need you, but they need you to be unbroken and not burnt out. Can it really be seen as selfish to take care of yourself to ensure that you can take care of others?

Start small. It may prove helpful to simply elaborate on everyday activities when you start out in self-care. Lingering over meals, a soak in the bath and even digital detox’s are great ways to start to bring some elements of self-care in to your day, week or month; gestures of kindness towards yourself don’t have to be huge, costly or extremely time consuming, they simply have to allow you to pause and indulge your senses a little and if feelings of selfishness are an issue for you tiny actions can make a huge difference.

Give a little. Maybe your treat of choice could involve giving to others? Volunteer work or supporting others to perform an activity whilst you switch off from your reality is a great way to feel good about taking care of yourself.

Check out for some ideas of activities in your area.

Remember that you’re worth it. Full stop.

It’s also worth noting that everyone will have a different idea as to what self-care looks like and how much is required; there is no right or wrong way or quantity but it’s not very caring towards yourself if you’re forcing yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy. Self-care should satisfy your needs and no-one else’s.

We would love to see what self-care means to you; tag us in your pictures on social media!

6 Reasons why you should embrace a zero waste way of life.

September 11, 2020

Are you considering reducing your daily disposables?

If you are then a great place to start is with your why.

Establishing your reasons for setting and achieving any goal can be a real motivator when your journey gets tough; it can really help to keep you on track.

We’ve pulled together six great reasons you could keep in mind when working towards using, and disposing of, less in your everyday;

It reduces our environmental impact. The idea behind the concept of zero waste living is simply to eliminate (as much as possible) the waste you send to landfill thus reducing the need for tipping sites, reducing the impact of single use plastics on the environment and going towards keeping our climate comfortable.

It establishes a more minimalistic way of thinking. Ditching your consumer mindset, the one that always has you striving for more, can help to reduce the stress caused by attempting to keep up with the Jones’s and any associated debt thus increasing your sense of contentment and happiness. You may also experience an elevated sense of gratitude for what you do have as awareness is drawn to having just what you need.

It saves money. Going zero waste reduces meaningless shopping. You may consider buying items second hand rather than new. Smaller homes as you potentially require less storage space as you’re not stocking up on so many material objects could result in lower living costs – WIN!

It could improve your health. There is the potential to improve your health via a reduced use of synthetic materials in and around your home and workplace plus zero waste may mean a reduced waist; personal weight loss due to using more ‘real’ ingredients to cook from scratch isn’t unheard of.

It reduces food waste. When so many people are without this can’t be a bad thing can it?

It can improve the sense of community in your area. Are there share points in your local area?

Could you start one?

Establish a system by which or a space where people can share equipment that they may have previously purchased and used once or twice or only need on an irregular basis, e.g garden and DIY tools, or where they can exchange excess food; your only limiting to your offerings is your imagination!

Such programmes can encourage people with similar interests (for example; zero waste living) to connect and it could even potentially create new jobs and volunteering opportunities for locals.

For more information and ideas around living a zero waste life visit or

We would love to hear more about your journey to zero waste; don’t forget to tag us in your social media updates!

The best morning routine for success

September 9, 2020

Having a great morning routine can seriously benefit your day (we all love that smug sense of accomplishment and calm before we’ve even reached the office right?) and overall health (our bodies and minds weren’t really designed to awaken to chaos) but where do we start with creating one?

Let’s start at the beginning; the alarm clock.

Could you raise a little earlier? Yes, i know that it will be painful at first but it really will be so worth it. Even an extra 15 minutes can be of benefit to your day. It could mean that you aren’t rushing to catch the bus, it could mean that you finally get to cross off that lingering thing on your to do list and it will definitely allow you to fit in more of the morning routine ideals i’m about to tell you about.

Don’t hit snooze and don’t reach for your phone; scrolling can wait, rehydration cannot.

Yep, as soon as possible after rising I’d love to see you sipping on plain water (maybe add a slice of fresh lemon if you’re feeling fancy).

We could all do with drinking more water; it really is so very essential to us, our makeup and our bodily functions. More water intake will mean that you’ll have more energy, your skin will glow and you’ll have a much less foggier headspace to contend with.

Now that you’re up it’s time to get at ’em and move.

When it comes to introducing physical activity into your morning routine it’s only you who can decide what you need.

Do you need a hyped up bootcamp type session or a yoga flow?

Do you need to run all alone or to feel like you’re part of a pack?

What works for one person may not work for another, hell, what works for one person one day may well not work for that same person the next. Listen to your body and attend to your needs; it’s your everyday that you’re out to improve.

Next, shower.

I understand that you may not really want to pamper yourself at this hour of day but, there’s one thing that you’ve absolutely got to try in this new morning routine of yours; a freezing cold blast.

Yep, take down that water temperature too as low as you can handle for the final minute. I promise that you’ll step out feeling invigorated, more alert and even with an increased sense of willpower – if you can stand through that you can stand up to anything the day might throw at you right?

The final part of our morning mastery encourages you to look at your first meal of the day; breakfast.

Where possible avoid grabbing and going, instead indulge yourself in a little self-care and nourish that body of yours.

Of course you know that breakfast is essential for ensuring that you have the energy to take on your day, right? That the nutrients gained will keep you switched on until lunch? That maybe your metabolism will run just that little more in your favour post tucking in?

It can even be a really lovely way to connect with family members around the table before you all head off in your own directions and it’s an often overlooked yet oh so important act to take a little time over what you eat.

Ensure that your breakfast contains a source of protein alongside a wholegrain carbohydrate for the most balanced and beneficial of options.

All of the above mentioned activities are pretty standard, there’s nothing particularly wild or technical about them but they are all essential to you starting (and continuing) your day with ease; yet how many do you do?


Start by trying to introduce one new habit for one whole week, then add another, and another…everything doesn’t have to change overnight and everything should always be done in a way that fits you and your lifestyle.

You deserve to have amazing every days and they always start with an excellent awakening; let us know how you get on.

5 ways to find your happy

September 6, 2020

Simple steps to feel more like you.

It can feel like, in today’s hectic world, your happiness comes bottom of your to do list, like self-care is selfish, but it shouldn’t – If you’re happy everything becomes easier.

But how do we make ourselves happy?

What even makes us happy anymore?

Here are five simple steps to take to help you along on your own unique path to getting your grin back;

1. Get honest with yourself and your situation.

Does anything really need to change in your everyday or do you just need to be a little more present in it?

How would your perfect day look?

What would make you happy?

What does happiness mean to you?

It’s all well and good knowing that you want to be happy but without pinning down what that looks like to you personally how can you take action to get there?

Get clear on your goals (write them down, maybe even create a vision board) and start taking baby steps to reach them.

2. Play more.

Now this could also be explained as making time to exercise and move more but I prefer to say play, the word itself conjures up a smile, maybe a giggle, and it inspires a sense of child like thinking rather than a strict and regimented workout routine.

When was the last time you allowed yourself just to move because it feels good?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most able, if you’re new to your chosen activity, all that matters is that it gets those endorphins flowing and that you reconnect with where you’re at and, once you do, I guarantee you’ll start to think a little more freely and creatively.

You’ll develop a greater sense of what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

3. Get outside.

There is no denying the benefits of being out in nature on our physical and mental health; we just need to utilise it more if we are going to nurture our own sense of happiness.

Take a walk or travel the world, immerse yourself in a new space or culture, just sit in it, be still and let mother nature empower your happiness.

If you fancy the idea of a personal development expedition sign up for our newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for updates on our retreats and expeditions here .

4. Never neglect nourishment

As the old saying goes; food is fuel.

It can feel impossible to know what to eat and drink for your best and the diet industry thrives on your confusion. Instead of following anything too restrictive do your best to consume what you know is right.

Eat real foods, cook from scratch and always drink more water.

Don’t commit to cutting out all of the junk all of the time but be mindful of how often and the situations under which your reaching for it.

Could small changes in your diet effect any medical conditions and pharmaceutical requirements you live with?

Our energy levels, mindset and bodily functions are hugely effected by the food and drink we feed (or don’t feed) ourselves; always keep in mind that great fuel will feed our happy.

5. Rest and relaxation

Could your sleep be more sound?

Could you benefit from a digital detox now and again?

How and when we allow our body’s and minds to unwind plays a massive part in our mental and physical health and therefore influences our sense of happiness.

Simple introductions into our every days can have a huge impact on our wellbeing longer term;

Could you re-evaluate your morning routine and thus ensure you kick start your day in a better way?

Do you need to say no (or yes) more to keep a reign on your work/life balance?

Could you be stricter with how you prioritise commitments in your diary or on your to-do list?

Do you need to work on ditching the guilt associated with self-care?

It’s important to remember that no two peoples paths are the same, no two peoples ideas of happiness will be identical, and that’s ok, but what isn’t ok is not paying enough attention to your needs and neglecting your happy.

Things will not change overnight but with small steps and acts of kindness to oneself things can and will get happier.

“My job in life isn’t seeking approval by the people around me, my job is to liberate them…”

July 23, 2020

5 Things to do to improve yourself and society

July 9, 2020

Now more than ever we are feeling the need to take care of ourselves and those around us, but it’s not always possible to see how we, as individuals, can make a difference to others whilst also acknowledging our own self care needs; to help you find your way here is our top five things to do to improve yourself and society.

1. Become a Mental Health First Aider

You may know what to do to aid those with physical injuries at the scene of an accident but could you help someone who is showing signs of developing a mental health problem, experiencing worsening symptoms of an existing condition or in crisis? Courses are now available to enable you to become a mental health first aider and support others when they need it the most alongside potentially improving your own awareness of your personal needs. Take a look at for further information.

2. Join the purge on plastic

Get involved in reducing the pollution caused by single use plastics. provides a wealth of information and opportunities to take part in local campaigns; join in with an organised litter pick, promote plastic free schools or even become a local rep.

3. Join a Good Gym

Join a gym that does more than just whittle your waistline. provide opportunities for you to go along to professionally led and extremely sociable runs and exercise sessions that also perform acts of kindness in your local community. One day a group might meet and run to a care home to help repair a fence, another day they might dash off to help dig at a community allotment; good health meets good deeds.

4. Become a refill champion

There may well be shops in your local area that allow customers to refill empty containers with produce for purchasing but did you know that taps were now being put on maps to allow you to refill your water bottle throughout the day? encourages local businesses to operate free water refill stations and they need champions in your area to help facilitate and promote their cause.

5. Fundraise or volunteer

Find a cause close to your heart and show it that you care. Every charity out there would appreciate your support and time; maybe you could offer to volunteer or would fundraising be more fitting for you? Our upcoming expedition to Uganda will support the ongoing fantastic work by Friends of Kumi Hospital, supporting a rural hospital community to retain key workers and specialists. Go to to find out more.

Have our hints been a source of inspiration? Do you have any suggestions to add?

We really would love to hear about the things you’ve done to improve yourself and society!

We’ve just launched our new LOYALTY SCHEME!!

July 2, 2020

We’ve teamed up with some amazing companies who align with our focus on exploration, self-development, wellbeing and sustainability to bring discounts to InTah Tribe members!

Go to to access a discount on some great sustainable products!

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